Welcome to the shared wiki for One Day in the Life 2011 - 2012 Partners!

We will use this wiki to conduct research together, engage in dialogues, share digital media products, share links and resources, etc., as we
work together on this iEARN project.

Time for Introductions! hello.jpg

All partner teachers, please create a NEW PAGE on the wiki that will help us get to know your students and your region. Some suggested content:

1. Your name (teacher's name)
2. The name of your school and a brief description to the school, including a link to the school's web site, if there is one. A picture of the school, perhaps?
3. Your city, country, and region / province. A brief description of the city you live in, including a few links that might help partners learn about the place where you live.
4. Age range and grade level of students
5. Subject area they are studying
6. Link to class web site, if you have one
7. Individual introductions from teacher and student.

Please create a LINK to your introductory page below, in the section with your name and basic info.

Current Project Partners

Lesa Childers
Notre Dame de Sion High School
Kansas City, MO
Students' age range: 14-15
Introductory Page

Jennifer Rumbles
Newell Elementary School
Charlotte, NC
Students' age range: 8-9

Nataliya Byzova
"Troyeshchyna" Gymnasium
Kyiv, Ukraine
Students' age range:13-15
Wiki site
Introductory Page

Ruhiyye Mahmudova
Ismayilli, Azerbaijan
Students' age range:

Geeta Rajan
St.Mark's Sr.Sec.Public School
A Block,Meera Bagh
New Delhi, India
Students' age range:12-15
Introductory Page

Maria Piegari
Students' age range:

If you are unfamiliar with wikis, this is a great introductory video:


How do I make suggestions for ways that we can use this wiki?

Click the "discussion" tab on this page. You will see a discussion thread asking for ideas for changes to the wiki. You can add a comment there or start a new discussion thread. Just click '